• DirectAid Peru in Action!

    April 02 2017

    The team of Direct Aid Peru volunteers were able to reach one of the most affected areas of Huarmey.

  • Huarmey Operation

    March 2017

    The city of Huarmey was hit hard by the torrential rains, flash floods and mudslides.

  • Project Pisco - Getting better everyday

    March 2017

    Direct Aid Peru continues to support the educational center at San Clemente.

  • San Clemente
    ¡A Reality!

    January 2017

    After much effort and with support of many, our Project is a reality.

  • El Niño 2017 - DirectAid Peru responds!

    March 2017

    We are organized and responding to this new challenge Peru is facing.

  • Summer School - 2016

    March 2016

    More than 15 children had lots of fun and received valuable education during 2 months of summer school.

  • Doris Chang

    January 03 2010

    Mrs. Doris Chang donated part of the equipment for the future Community Center medical post.

  • Christmas Chocolate day

    December 24 2009

    The Direct Aid Peru volunteer team sparked some smiles and moments of happiness among kids of San Clemente.

  • San Clemente

    June 14 2009

    We met with the mayor of San Clemente explaining the progress of the project to the community.

  • El Proyecto

    April 20 2008

    The Mayor of San Clemente issued an decree granting full permission to build the community center.

  • Colin Wardale

    August 20 2007

    Colin Wardale jumped with a parachute to bring emergency support to our friends in San Clemente.